Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Media Party - a group-think tank of politically correct freaks

Ezra Levant: "Conservatives have rolled out an RCMP hot line ... the Media Party calls it an "Islamophobic" "racist" "snitch line."


Anonymous said...

The Media Party, CBC, CTV, Glob@Plop, NationalPost, Glowballs etc. are doing what they do best, lying, cheating and attempting to unduly influence an election. Its also important to remember that "progressives" leftists or whatever those assholes call themselves couldn't care less about woman or minorities or whatever it is they scream to care about. Progs only see their agenda of moral and cultural relativism and self declared "righteousness" as an end to a means, marxism and submission. Progs and their Media are primarily driven by hatred for anyone that doesn't "think" like them or disagrees with their nefarious agenda. The "progressive" Media know the issues the Conservatives are talking about connect with Canadians, thus the media mockery and contempt, Alinsky would be proud.

JR said...

I agree. The Media Party is conducting an "anybody but Conservative" campaign. It's blatantly obvious on CTV News, for example, with Lisa LaPhlegm featuring about three segments every night slagging Conservatives along with puff pieces about the other two parties. Her aim seems clear: encourage the left and demoralize the right. The Media Party has taken strong political positions before (eg Meech Lake) and lost miserably. Let's hope its current campaign backfires too.