Friday, October 16, 2015

Fighting Harper hatred

Two outstanding columns in today's FP:

Peter Foster:  Vote against hate:
If a man is defined by his enemies, Stephen Harper still has a lot going for him in the dying days of this election campaign. On balance, he has been a good Prime Minister in trying times, and yet he drives people to frenzies of hatred, which says far more about them than him. ...

Lawrence Solomon: Judging Harper:
Stephen Harper may be the worst prime minister in memory, as many claim. Or the best. You be the judge. ...
... On energy and the environment, Harper has been a tightwad. His predecessors in both Liberal and Conservative parties subsidized the development of the tar sands. Harper phased out these subsidies. in people’s hands isn’t the only measure of well being. Canada ranks among the top 10 nations of the world in having the World’s Most Open Governments, in the Social Progress Index, in the Soft Power 30 Index, and in the World Happiness ranking, and we are the absolute top in Best Country for Business in the G20, and Best GDP growth among the G7 nations. Not surprisingly, when you put all this together, Canada landed in the #1 spot as the most respected nation in the world, based on a survey of 48,000 people around the world conducted by the Reputation Institute, which ranked 55 nations for perceived trust, admiration and respect.
These columns deserve front page exposure.


Anonymous said...

I wonder as so many people have Obama envy in Canada they have also adopted the Bush Derangement Syndrome by hating Harper with such a passion.

JR said...

No doubt a lot of the hate rhetoric is imported from the the USA, eg. from MSNBC, Tides, Both Cdn Libs and Dippers have adopted issues and talking points from the Dems.

Bec said...

For the first time watching a BLUE JAYS game in a restaurant, I actually heard a Justin ad as at home, we mute them.

The ANGER and disgusting BS that he spews is a metaphor for the type of people who post and like him. They are mind boggling, WOW!

Not my Canada.

Anonymous said...

I think the hate the left has is not totally surprising and not much one can do on that front. Rather the Tories mistake was to not find a way to stop in from reaching into the swing voters as they are the key ones to winning the election. While we will have to see what unfolds, I think a Liberal minority is the most likely outcome while a weak Tory minority is probably the best possible scenario for them. Whether one likes it or not, Canada has been a centre-left country for quite some time and changing that is tough so probably best to go slow like Harper did when he had a minority.