Thursday, October 22, 2015

Trudeau's retreat from the war against ISIS

Tarek Fatah also points out Gen Rick Hillier's views on the need for greater Canadian participation went unheeded.  Though Trudeau did like Hillier's support for accepting more refugees.

So, true to his word, Justin is following through on his pledge to take in refugees while simultaneously enabling ISIS to create more of them.


Anonymous said...

A picture truly is worth a thousand words

Anonymous said...

Thank Hillier for veering way off his area of expertise.
General's shouldn't give advice on issues beyond their scope.

As demonstrated everywhere and across the EU, accepting "refugees" is an invitation for a whole lot more.
Never accept refugees from hostile populaces at war with you and the foundation of your culture. A General should have more basic survival sense than that. There's plenty of county's they could go to. Don't import problems from other continents so recklessly.

Bec said...

Every election is about character. This election embraced an actor.

Character/Actor...same thing, right?

Anonymous said...

In this way, their embrace of Islam(yes, Islam, not just the pious ISIL), they are in effect, more socially conservative and than even the farthest fringes of the Conservative Movement.

Who in no way had held sway over the CPC. But by not being "liberal enough", they are condemned for merely maintaining some semblance of consistency.

The Liberals are the party of infinite contradictions.

Anonymous said...

no...they are the most contradictory centrist governed by the politically correct movement and change with public opinion... basically, they stand for everything and therefore nothing...