Wednesday, October 21, 2015

The big, hidden winners in Monday's election

Besides the Liberals, for starters, everybody who helped get them elected - unions, lobbyists, journalists, cronies  .... will cash in big time.  Open, transparent government, Trudeau style.  Then there are the indirect beneficiaries like our enemies and economic rivals:


Anonymous said...

There's also 20 Senate seats that would have been filled by Conservatives but were left vacant and will now be filled by Trudeau.

Anonymous said...

So the lesson here for the NDP supporters who put their faith in backing Unions, is that they betrayed your family's loyalty and pride for the big money and interests.

Now you will get back more of the class system you always wanted, as underlings to your masters you hope to someday revolt against. The class system that only free market capitalism could and had abolished without trying.

Was the differences you had with the CPC so great that it justifies that betrayal for what you share with the LPC?
How do you know they will even deliver on what you want or how you want it? Have they ever?

Who of the two have done the most of what they said they were going to do? Agree with them or not, you could trust the CPC to fulfill their obligations. A bit late to bring up what should of been obvious.

Oh well, at least JT won't be fighting ISIS! cuz war is "bad", just like guns and conservatives are "bad".

I wish I could be left wing, thinking seems so easy, like black is white and white is black.
"Liberty is poison capitalist sell". No we grow it and we pay people to give it away.

Anonymous said...

22 seats I thought. So add that to their 29 "independent" group thinkers and that will place them ahead of our 47 by 4.

They were already delaying unanimously passed bills. Not to worry though, they will thunder through anti-co2 legislation within a wink.
Even if they drag their feet to enforce it.

Btw, the "verify to ensure I was not a robot" asked me to select all the donuts, of which there was only 1 picture and looked exactly like bagels. I should of took a screen capture. Now everyone will assume I was mistaken. I mean, why else would I bring it up.

Anonymous said...

The Union accountability act will now die under "Liberal" rule... Public sector Unions will benefit big time for their "Liberal" corruption, greedy bastards!