Thursday, October 1, 2015

"The Eighth Blunder of the World" - Wynne's Ontario

Philip Cross, former Chief Economic Analyst for StatsCan:
Ontarians are clearly having buyer’s remorse after re-electing its Liberal government last year, with two-thirds now believing that Ontario is headed in the wrong direction

... Ontario now qualifies for equalization payments, confirming its shift from “have” to “have-not” status within Confederation.  The government’s response was more government spending financed by deficits that doubled its total debt over the past decade.

 ... In economic policymaking, Ontario has become the Eighth Blunder of the World. Instead of focusing on policies that would encourage economic growth, the Wynne government is following the maritime province’s tactic of begging the federal government for more transfer payments. 


Anonymous said...

old white guy says..........ontarians are not bright enough to have remorse about the damage their choice has done to the province. What I say will be proven true after the coming election.

Martin said...

Meanwhile Wynne has dispatched her agriculture minister (for Peterborough) to the TPP talks, to back manage the federal negotiators.
Along with 2 Liberal and 1 other Agr ministers they are warning about any concession on supply management. This has been noted by the Japanese press. Since when do trade negotiations fall under provincial responsibility? These politicians cannot be helpful to Canada's bargaining position.
Wynne has near zero support in rural Ont with but 1 purely rural seat.Having poisoned Liberal appeal for a couple of generations with her disastrous industrial wind plants, she sees no irony in supposedly supporting family dairy farms. She simply opposes any CPC federal initiative.

JR said...

owg, Your pessimism about Ontario is understandable, but let's hope you're wrong.

Martin, interesting observations. Looks like Wynne will try anything to sabotage Harper.

Meanwhile, last I heard TPP talks were being extended into tomorrow to try to get it done; and, Mulcair said he wouldn't be bound by any agreement.

Anonymous said...

@Anon, October 2, 2015 at 4:47:00 AM PDT

Who opens up the comment section by first making a racial distinction as a pejorative. Complexion should have no bearing over what a person says. Perhaps he could of been more specific, does he mean Icelandic "White" or Australian "White"? There's quite a varied range. Perhaps you should go through relevant history and provide us a list to determine what mix of "White" your alluding to?

Back to the subject at hand:
Anon doesn't think to actually compare the Ontario Liberal Budgets, or their polices, and their implications for the private economy... that's where government revenues come from in the first place. A concept completely lost on statist. Let alone an Anon who has something against white old men, as if being an old white guy some how devalues his argument?

If it makes him feel any better, I have nothing in favor of old white men. It's not a category of distinction for me. Outside of western civilization being as free as it is because of old white men. I don't know, maybe they should be more like the Saudi's, right? I'll be sure to stare down the next grandpa I see just because you aspire me to expect MORE.

It amazes me how anonymous mediocrity can be so condescending.

I can, at the very least, distinguish myself by a much appreciated time stamp.

Anonymous said...

I should of proof read for clearly punctuation.
I don't think the posh British accent came through.

Anonymous said...

And yet her participation in the election is helping Trudeau win Ontario. Go figure.

Unknown said...

If you are at all skeptical of OWG's claim I can attest that living in Ontario would absolutely convince you of the truth of it. Having lived through the eHealth and ORNGE boondoggles, the gas plant scandals, deleted email trails, tax upon tax and other examples of Liberal incompetence and corruption too numerous to mention I am perfectly convinced that there is no more stupid creature in the multiverse than the Ontario voter. Get ready to bend over and grab your ankles because that abject stupidity is going to cost the rest of us dearly.

Anonymous said...

I live in Ontario. Most of my friends that are Tory voted for Hudak, but all of them disliked him. Kinda hard for those who are not Tory to vote for a guy as bad as Hudak. Also kinda misses the point to call the voters stupid in a situation like that. Better to learn and adapt. If the PCs don't, it'll be another four years of Liberal government next election - but at least they'll be able to call people stupid.

Anonymous said...

Your not supposed to vote based on likability or reliability for that matter.
Be more specific, when and for what, did he ever call them stupid for?

And what idiots are so readily offended to take such comments seriously? In this day and age?

I would rather vote for a dolt who had practical solutions, then the moonbeam basket cases that are in now.
"Yay, more over taxation and overspending! That will solve everything. Why even read the budgets, when they can just tell us straight how good we have it. "

Good thing I kept copies of the original budgets up until 2009, since they went ahead replaced them all with cooked books! A "recall" of sorts, i don't actually remember. I will have to go back and check.
I wonder if I even kept 2009. I really really hope I saved that one. Since I gave up half way through reading it.

Unknown said...

Seriously? You're going to compare Hudak's low likability with the crap that the Liberals pulled under McGuilty and are now pulling under Wynne? Are you really saying that Ontarians voted for incompetence and corruption over a guy they just didn't like? That sounds an awful lot like stupidity to me.

Anonymous said...

Well at least you called Ontario voters stupid again so that anon who completely missed it the first time can maybe see it this time. And the idea that likability means nothing in politics is very naive. But at least it allows us to call voters stupid. That's the type of attitude that has cost us elections. The fact is it wasn't stupid voters that cost us the election it was stupid people in the leaders office.