Monday, October 12, 2015

Enabling zombie voters

Another excellent piece by Graeme C. Gordon:
"Dress Up and Vote! (or The Canadian Rocky Voting Horror Show)"

And here's one by Lauren Southern:
"#SlutsAgainstHarper and the rise of "emotional voting" among youth"


Anonymous said...

This is somewhat related to your topic, only it's David Suzuki-type zombies that are involved. When I got home, I turned on CPAC (at 2:00 pm ET). There was a program called "Science and Policy Making", with David Suzuki criticizing the Harper government for supposedly ignoring the science of climate change. In other words, the Suzuki speech was nothing more than an ad against Harper. At the end of the speech, he urged the audience to get rid of the Harper government and the MC, former PBO Kevin Page, came to the mike to thank Suzuki. The program ended abruptly to cover a Q&A with Tom Mulcair & Mohamed Fahmy.

The question arises: will that broadcast be considered as a third party ad by Elections Canada. I consulted the EC registered third party list and Suzuki is not listed.
-- Gabby in QC

JR said...

That's a great example of the Media Party's role in election politics.

I watch CTV News every night (usually with Lisa LaPhlegm) and like clockwork they'll start with an election "story" which nominally "covers" all three major parties. But inevitably it's a couple of minutes of Trudeau and then Mulcair, on the stump, slandering the Conservatives (with supporters in the background sporting "Stop Harper" signs). That's followed by a few seconds of Harper on the stump but no audio. I don't watch it, but CBC must be worse.

Those nightly broadcasts are also little more than third party anti-Harper/Conservative ads. Then there are the political shows like Power Play. In total, the Media Party's contributions to the "anybody but Conservative" cause must be worth multi-million$ to the opposition parties.

Anonymous said...

Not that we need more examples of media bias ... but take the recent concrete example Mr. Harper used yesterday and today to illustrate how much money the other guys' policies would be taking out of families' pockets by having someone plunking money on a table to the sound of a cash register. Every article I've seen listed on NNW calls it an "attack ad", usually referred to as an attack on Trudeau.

You must have seen the montage done by the CBC of PM Harper saying "friends". If I knew how, I would have made a similar montage, only showing the opposition leaders saying "Harper" repeatedly in their speeches. With them, it's not about better policies -- supposedly their own -- but rather a visceral hatred of Stephen Harper. The 'compassionate' left at its best, eh?
-- Gabby in QC