Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Ignore the UN and you'll live longer

New front page scare story.  This time it's a stepped-up warning from WHO about carcinogenic food:
On Monday, the World Health Organization delivered a wallop on the unsuspecting public: hotdogs cause cancer ....
So what else is new?  If it isn't scary speculation about global warming it's scary speculation about food.

Ignore the UN.  Your anxiety levels will drop and you'll live longer.

Also from this story, one of my pet peeves:
"... commonplace medical advice: don’t eat junk food and take everything else in moderation."
That's not bad advice, but there's no such thing as junk food.  There are only junk diets.  So, if you take everything in moderation, including what people insist on labeling as "junk" food, you'll do fine.   Even moderation should be taken in moderation. Pig out once in a while!


Anonymous said...

Old white guy says.......This same drivel was foisted upon us many years ago. Bacon, bad, coffee, bad, red meat bad. It has been an observation that during my lifetime everything I have ever consumed has been shown to be bad for me at some point in time. I am in my seventies and reasonably healthy. I am able to play golf, carry my clubs for 18 holes, about 5 miles for those who do not play. I usually finish the round with another thing that will eventually kill me, beer.

JR said...

Good show, owg. Ditto here, except I don't golf - bad for my blood pressure.