Saturday, October 24, 2015

Our new "leader" and "The triumph of drivel"

David Warren:
... We are in a new political era

... Now we have “airheads.” The term is perhaps over-colloquial, but I think it best expresses the quality our new leaders share 

... The Trudeau boy is a generation younger.  In addition to snowboarding, his experience includes nightclub bouncer, and teaching high school in Vancouver. ...  the lad was not really exposed to politics until it came into his head, or into the heads of Liberal Party organizers,

... His acceptance speech last night was sort-of sweet; it showed him still quite damp behind the ears.

... I don’t think he is especially malicious. ... has the media savvy of the selfie generation, and can more or less handle the bofferball questions from a sympathetic press. His sincerity shines when it comes to a small range of policy enthusiasms, such as the legalization of marijuana and brothels, and he is visibly convinced that peace is much nicer than war.

... I’m sure he “believes” in the drivel he is mouthing. I expect he will prove more used than using, as his government agenda falls into place.


fernstalbert said...

The Liberals have the perfect PM - he can be manipulated to fit any agenda that the backroom wants. He is charismatic, photogenic and believes in wishful thinking. Trudeau and the Liberals govern in a perilous time - the lives of Canadians are moot in Trudeauopia - all lives do not matter - only those who are in agreement with the left's machine.

Anonymous said...

Grow up you lost!

fernstalbert said...

Dear Anonymous, your comment is worthy of reply - yes Conservatives lost but so did Canada. In my Canada dissent is allowed. I predict that Putin loves Trudeau - the Dauphin will be falling all over himself to agree to disarming the military and signing every UN dictate that comes across his desk. Again I say, we live in perilous times.
ps The Chinese have a saying "may you live in interesting times" - those times are here.

MadTrucker said...

No, Nonny, we've all lost. Some of us just don't have the brainpower to figure that out.

The article explains it to perfection. Try actually reading it.

Anonymous said...

old white guy says.....drivel is one word describing young trudeau's intellect, dribble or trickle would be a couple of more.