Thursday, October 1, 2015

Russian lies, American fecklessness

Reaction to Russian air strikes in Syria:

And for an even more pessimistic outlook, here's Ralph Peters:


Anonymous said...

Is this what Obunghole meant when he told the Russians he would be more "flexible" when he gets re-elected...? Obunghole is doing this deliberately... Obarry is without a doubt a feckless affirmative action punk but he is IMO an enemy of America and the west in general... the man is a dangerous fool. This is going to get really ugly!

Anonymous said...

If you look at some of the footage of the urban targets, they clearly appear to be civilian with no armed rebels or personal in sight... Political targets, perhaps?

That's okay, send JT or Mulcair to face off against Putin. Since Obama has already done so well, he'll know which world "leader" to pass his glittery torch to.

Really, though, Assad is Putin's bulwark proxy. That's not going to change and is not worth the attrition. They should of just split Syria in half from the beginning, and thought more long term, when Assad eventually out lives his usefulness to Russia.
Though if North Korea is any standard, they tend to still back Loony bins long after their sell before date.

I don't know why Russia/China aren't in the habit of replacing such idiocy ahead of time, with their own stooges or regimes. That would of at least got the west of their backs and not sullied their reputations to the extent N.Korea's leadership continues to do. Perhaps they may yet consider that, upon reflection.