Monday, October 19, 2015

TheRebel live-streaming election coverage

Let the games begin at 5:30 PM Pacific:


Anonymous said...

CPC peaking up steam!
Que the muziks:

Anonymous said...

I feel bad that Mulcair is struggling to keep his seat... he was my favorite old timey theater villain when mad, and nostalgic Fred Penner persona when not partisan ideologue.

I hope they can finally make peace with us after this.

Anonymous said...

.... 166+ its at 177.... not even possible... this was a rigged election by elections Canada, who notoriously hates the CPC.

What the hell. I can't even move to Liberland... Which is likely overrun by islamic "refugee" invaders. Yay peacekeeping huh liberals? Send in the blue helmets?

There is always SpaceX I guess...