Saturday, October 24, 2015

Look who's happy with Trudeau's election

The conservative and anti-Russian era of Stephen Harper has thus ended. - See more at:
 The conservative and anti-Russian era of Stephen Harper has thus ended.
The new Prime Minister of Canada ... whose father was loyal to the Soviet Union, promised that Canada would return to international politics as a "compassionate and constructive" state.
And no doubt China's basic dictators will be just as happy.

They know a pushover when they see one.


Anonymous said...

Does thins now mean that Canadian military troops will stand "shoulder to shoulder" with the Russian troops who are killing ISIL members; the same ISIL members who inspired the terrorists attacks against Canadian soldiers on Canadian soil last year? Nope! He's pulling out all entire 6 F-18's in Iraq that have been there battling the over 100 thousand ISIL members. Thanks Mr. Trudeau now Canada is a sitting duck without all those 6 F-18's over there to protect us.

tmodem said...

Actually ANon, you don't make a lot of sense, but you are right, in that our ISIS response was pathetic. Unfortunately the "Leader of the Free World" Hussein Obummer was incredibly inept or actually on the side of ISIS. Totally ineffective at doing anything. The coalition should have gone all out and eradicated ISIS in the first few weeks. Whether Trudeau whips the CF18s back into Canada will amount to nothing, as long as the US in charge.

Anonymous said...

Actually, might be worse. According to a report I saw, Putin apparently is busy building/re-establishing bases in the high arctic. Could he be looking to Ukraine a few of our northern Islands since we're not really using them or likely to any time soon? A few are saying this is possible, and given that this is one of the last untapped areas on Earth for resources, not beyond the realm of possibility. Knows he's not likely to get Alaska back so the next best thing is us.
It's not like it would be hard to do either, and we have a PM who'd likely just roll over and let him have them. Yap a bit, stomp his feet maybe, but in the end just "negotiate" them away without a fight. As we know this since he said so, using the armed forces to fight is bad and shameful and not something his Canada would ever do.

Anonymous said...

Trudummy doesn't like "whipping out our CF-18"s to show how big we are", and Putin knows it, just another unqualified, feckless and pathetically weak western leader with Marxist tendencies cowering from reality. Of course the Soviets LOVED Peeair Trudowe, why wouldn't they, he hated Canada too. I guess little Justine is busy rehearsing some of Gerald Butts new scripts and taking more acting lessons on how to "act" like a leader... its so absurdly pathetic and sad its difficult to even care at this point. Putin, like everyone else, will just laugh and pat the poor pathetic boy/man on the head and tell Justy to go away now and let the adults decide the big world problems... The Media will continue gargling Justines balls and drinking his bath water and Justine will continue wetting the bed and "acting" like he has a clue. Who knew the decline would be a comedy? Enjoy.

Martin said...

This is a sobering analysis, perhaps Canadians would be well advised to pay attention to what Pravda and Al Jazeera are saying on foreign policy, rather than relying on the natterings of CBC/CTV. They are correct about Trudeau Sr. being loyal to the SU as he was right until its collapse,still it is disconcerting reading it in Pravda.

Trudeau Jr is quoted on Tue as saying:
(Canada) "lost a compassionate and constructive voice in the world in the past 10 years." "Well, I have a simple message for you: on behalf of 35 million Canadians, we're back"
He seems to forget that the election is over.In the diplomatic sphere it's not normal, to trash your predecessors, and to signal a abrupt change in foreign policy. Canada's enemies obviously take careful note of whatever he states. Actions are more important than words, and Trudeau would be better off saying less until he actually is sworn in as PM.

fernstalbert said...

So Pravda is congratulating Trudeau and the Liberals with a backhand compliment. I read this as Putin having dirt on Pierre and reminding the Dauphin that this will be used in the future. Why was Trudeau the Senior referred to as "loyal to the Soviet Union". Words do matter and this is Bizarre!!!