Sunday, October 18, 2015

The evil Koch brothers

Here's one of them - the mild mannered, 79 year old gentleman, Charles:  
"... My main difference with Hillary is on the vision of what kind of society makes people's lives better - [Hillary's (and all Democrats')] is a vision of society in which people are too evil or stupid to run their own lives but those in power are perfectly capable of running everybody elses' lives because they're so much smarter.  It's what Hayek called "the fatal conceit" or William Easterly called "the tyranny of experts" because that's what it is, tyranny.
... [government] waste and spending are heading us towards a financial cliff ... The reason we tend to support Republicans is they're taking us towards the cliff at only 70 miles an hour and the Democrats are taking us at 100 miles an hour. ..."

KDS (Koch Derangement Syndrome) is HDS on stilts. Even Obama has it.


johndoe124 said...

The common theme between HDS and KDS being that the left despises successful men of integrity. I think it reminds them of what they can never be. It must be miserable to have your own wretchedness thrown in your face on a daily basis. Better to have the uncharitable and corrupt in office in order to, in a perverse way, raise your own self-esteem.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this interview! I wouldn't have seen it otherwise. Such a straight-shooter and honourable man. It puts into perspective the lengths to which the left has gone to demonize him and his beliefs!