Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Rebuilding the right

Ezra Levant's appeal:

Good idea Ezra. But it's a monumental task, one on which the left has a head start of more than a century and now dominates the education system and the media, to name just two of the most important cultural influences.

But it's gotta be done, somehow, or we're truly f..., er, doomed.


Dollops said...

We have reached and exceeded Alexander Tytler's predicted degeneration of democracy. The only cure is a revolution followed by some form of autocratic government and, if the right people hold power, return to democracy under a constitution that denies a vote to anyone beholden to the government.

JR said...

We can only hope you're wrong, Dollops. But you may not be.

Anonymous said...

I think the real problem is being left wing is so embedded in our DNA and it is seen as socially unacceptable to be on the right that many are afraid to try and if they do they get ridiculed. Much of the success of the left is they claim they are compassionate while those on the right are greedy and that they are true Canadians not American wannabes, and are well educated while Conservatives are stupid. Those are all false but as long as those stereotypes hold its a tough fight. Whenever I talk about wanting less government, I am told I am being selfish and that I should share my wealth with others thus it will be a tough battle. The only good news is with governments on the left at the provincial and federal we might reach the tipping point quicker.