Thursday, October 29, 2015

ISIS supporters give Trudeau a big cheer

Brian Lilley:

And why not? Though they'd be no less inclined to cut his head off, given the chance.


Anonymous said...

Isis and "progressives" are on the same team, they both desire the end of western society. Of course Trudozo as well as being an idiot is also a coward, like Father like son, and of course running away from the fight pleases the butchers of ISIS, why wouldn't it. This is just the beginning of Canada's retreat from fighting evil, it is also just the beginning of Canada's ultimate demise, just as Trudozo his Media the Unions and the morons that voted for him desire. "Progressives" are nothing but terrorists anyhow, so aiding and abetting ME terrorists should surprise no one... enjoy the decline Canada.

Martin said...

First Pravda and Al Jazeera, now ISIS, all relieved Canadians have chosen a lightweight, pacifist as PM. Arguably more important than allies reaction to administration change, is how our enemies view the difference. They can be assumed to have done their homework and will regard the change as a weakening of Canadian resolve. Perceived weakness encourages enemies to act more aggressively, unfortunately the opposite of what Trudeau is hoping for. And that will be a continuing problem for Canada,with a foreign policy based on hope and wishful thinking.