Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Mohamed Fahmy: "An ingrate and a liar"

And "citizen of convenience and Muslim Brotherhood promoter", to boot:

Just another left wing journalist.


Bec said...

He is truly disgusting. But then they all are now aren't they?

I wanted to be a journalist as a kid. I'm so glad I didn't as they are the pond scum of truth telling, investigations and facts. NOT ALL but most in this country.

Shame on them!

Anonymous said...

I share Ezra Levant's opinion about Fahmy, that he's an ingrate & a Canadian of convenience, i.e. working and living abroad but demanding Canada's help when he got into trouble. But I was a bit surprised by Ezra's saying "He wasn't even born here" which suggests not Canadian enough -- I suppose because I wasn't born here either, but I consider myself a very loyal Canadian. I guess I shouldn't take that part of Ezra's comment personally.

Anyway ... why didn't the PMO or Foreign Affairs make it widely public that PM Harper wrote & called the Egyptian president, as Ezra says he did? When the Canadian media first started claiming that Canada's intervention was not strong enough, both the PMO & FA should have listed all the steps they had taken thus far to help Fahmy out. Even yesterday or the day before, when asked about the government's efforts or lack thereof in freeing Fahmy, the PM was rather vague, saying that there had been communication at the highest level -- which leaves people & the media wondering what that means. Why not release a copy of the letter(s) written to the Egyptian authorities? Why not allow diplomats to speak to the Canadian media, which according to 3 former diplomats interviewed by Télé-Québec recently, they are not allowed to do? I guess some people might consider it pandering to the media but giving more information might avoid a lot of the needless false accusations and claims made against the government.
-- Gabby in QC

Anonymous said...

the proof of positive leadership is looking back and seeing followers. If you stop to explain everything you'll get caught in their narrative which then has the tail wagging the dog. I'm convinced why Harper continues to limit it to 5 questions and why he doesn't address some of these things is because he will get caught in the presses trap and they will then expect it. He does do press releases and scheduled interviews where he addresses these things from time to time but the media doesn't seem to ever recall these things when they become prevalent in their narrative.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous @ October 15, 2015 at 6:36:00 AM PDT, you make great points about why the PM does not respond more aggressively to accusations and allegations. It's just so frustrating for the observer who has no insider knowledge -- me -- to keep seeing those accusations levelled at the PM without a timely response.
-- Gabby in QC

JR said...

Gabby, I agree that it's frustrating as hell to see lies and misrepresentations go unchallenged by the CPC. The most aggravating and demoralizing thing noted by Anon (@6:36:00) is that Conservatives have to worry about a "press trap". And that, sadly, is absolutely true. The Media Party (an opponent with propaganda resources amounting to multi-billion$) has been relentlessly anti-Conservative leading up to and during the election. So Conservative's wariness is understandable (eg. CTV National News interviewed both Mulcair and Trudeau during the news this week. It's a small wonder that Harper declined the "opportunity".)