Saturday, December 15, 2007

Poll - best former PM

In this one, however, at least 51% have their heads completely up their as*es!

And wouldn't you know it. A poll in the midst of a scandal involving Mulroney.


Steve V said...


People hate Mulroney, it has nothing to do with this scandal. See Kim Campbell :)

JR said...

Dunno, Steve. Day-in, day-out coverage of the Schreiber/Mulroney affair sure ain't going to boost Mulroney's numbers.

And that doesn't mean that those who voted for Trudeau don't have their heads up their asses. I ought to know cause I voted for him, once, way back, and that was the reason.

Anonymous said...

Problem with Trudeau is that Jack and Jane average... err almost everyone knows little about the real man. Yes everyone agrees that he was charismatic and smart and eccentric and elitist. But for more insight: go to youtube and punch in 'George Green' a few videos are of this guy on a talk show and mentioning running into Trudeau on a number of ocassions. Where you ask? Well behind the scenes with some of the real elites of the world and you would be interested in what the topics were discussed. (real conservative) PS if anybody does this then write a response cause I have more to say on the subject if ya wanna hear it.

Anonymous said...

And in other sporting news, the 2007 Ditherers Cup goes to like Joe Clark who soundly defeated Paul Martin by a 6-4.

I can't believe that 10% of respondents would consider either one of these guys as the best PM ever. Must be the sympathy vote/factor.