Monday, December 10, 2007

HRC, free speech issues heating up

The ‘five foot fury on Richard Warman’s "incurable douchebaggery" and more. An interesting note in the Wikipedia entry on the CHRC:

Richard Warman, an ex-CHRC employee is the primary complainant pursuant to Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act. 24 out of 29 Complaints referred by the Commission to the Tribunal since 2002 have been complaints filed by Warman.
SDA on Warman, the Maclean’s Magazine case (with a link to the complaint) and more.
Free Dominion is cranking up a petition to the politicians in support of free speech, decrying the human rights commissions’ role in censorship:
We consider many complaints launched through so-called "human rights commissions" to be political tools to shut down dissent and uphold politically
correct thought and opinion. In particular, we note the inordinate number of
successful cases brought against conservatives and, in particular, Christians.
And, calling for their suspension:
Therefore, we, the undersigned, call for the immediate suspension of all so-called human rights commissions in Canada until a full and impartial review is conducted to ensure that Canadians' fundamental right to freedom of speech is preserved.
Update (Dec 12): Here's Mark Steyn's take to date.

Stop the HRC


Anonymous said...

I support this... even though they threw me out of that site because they didn't like what I said. In fact a lot of people around here don't like what I say. But freedom of speech is the only real right we have. It is a result of freedom of thought and freedom of thought is freedom for the soul. What else is there? (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

Got bounced myself. Same reason. Was very weird.