Monday, October 4, 2010

DND and Islamic History Month

Playing catch-up for the record.
For some dim reason the Department of National Defence got involved in celebrating Islamic History Month.  A top Canadian Islamic Congress exec, Imam Zijad Delic, was scheduled to speak.  The CIC has a notorious history of its own involving, inter alia, radical anti-Israeli, anti-Semitic hate speech and  complaints to HRC's against Mark Steyn, Macleans Magazine and Ezra Levant.

Everything about DND's involvement in this begs serious questions.  MND Peter Mackay, to his everlasting credit, decided to cancel  Imam Delic's appearance. Naturally Delic and the CIC were not happy.

The MSM including CBC, CTV and major newspapers including the National Post have all provided coverage of the controversy, most of it lame, incomplete and/or sympathetic to the CIC and Delic with explicit or implied criticism of Peter Mackay.  There were exceptions. One that stands out is by Brian Lilley at Eye on the Hill.

And, today, Binks at Free Canuckistan provides some more needed insight.

Much earlier (years ago) Daniel Pipes wrote an interesting background on the inroads Muslim organizations were making into the Cdn government, DFAIT in particular.


Anonymous said...

Getting real tired of this kind of crap. I want a White Anglo Saxon recognition month. What are my chances of getting it?

Rob C

KURSK said...

Next week Rob, right after magical fairy week..

JR said...

Heh, DND's touchy-feely Muslim outreach has sure opened a big fat can of worms.