Friday, October 1, 2010

Green campaign promo video backfires

If the reaction of Anthony Watts and his WUWT readers is any measure, this green campaign video from has backfired, big time:

My first thought was that it was a spoof mocking humanity-hating eco-freaks - not a video by eco-freaks.

Update: Predictably, many eco-nutter Guardian readers think the video is just great. Though there are lots in the opposite camp.  One of my favourite comments is from 'Monbiot's TinyBrain':
This video encapsulates all that is wrong with modern environmentalism. Fascism, bullying, pathological hatred of humans and what they do. It's simply a masturbatory fantasy for all warmists, comply or die.


Anonymous said...

A rare glimpse of the left being honest with us. What they would do if they could get away with it. (real conservative)

Anonymous said...

TangoJuliette sez:

These are the tree-hugging, peace-loving, pro-gun-control, anti-weapons folks who protest fox-hunting, bull-fighting and seal-hunting?

Huh. . . .

Yet they think it's a joke to ruminate about blowing-up those who might disagree with them: school-kids - in their classrooms -destroyed by their loving teacher? Business folk, in their work environment -done in by their bosses.

Unwitting Human Explosive Devises, perhaps?

I'm keeping my arsenal - in fact I think it's to acquire an extremely effective defensive weapon - High-Power, High Muzzle Velocity Assault Weapon. I intend to be pro-active the next time I find myself in a "Red Button" Q&A situation.




JR said...

Yup, no doubt their sick video was inspired by wet dreams of what they'd love to do to skeptics. Fortunately for the rest of us they're too dumb to keep it to themselves.

Anonymous said...

Yikes, that's beyond disturbing. I thought the audi commercial during the superbowl was scary. These people are freaks!

Xanthippa said...


when the bru-ha-ha about this video spread, the people who made it honestly did not understand WHY others found it 'disturbing'.


I think that is even scarier than the video itself!

By the way: I consider myself a tree-hugger. And an environmentalist. But, I have a real soft spot for trees - I truly do love them! (Honest - this is NOT sarcasm.)

However, CO2 in the atmosphere is FOOD FOR TREES!!!

The American midwest was a huge forest - until the levels of CO2 dropped to our current level and could only support less complex plant life in many regions - turning forests into grasslands. Because I love trees, I want to return us to the higher levels of CO2 - ones more natural for the Earth's atmosphere - which will support the existence of more trees!