Saturday, December 22, 2012

Christmas prayers for pessimists

Peter Foster offers Christmas prayers for a few of the perennial pessimists, gloomsters and doomsters who try to darken our lives:
... I am thinking of those who are inclined — particularly at this season — to condemn capitalism’s cornucopia as so much crass consumerism, culpable materialism, superfluous gift-giving, and planet abuse.

... poor little George Monbiot ... who recently wrote a Christmas cavil with the upbeat headline “The Gift of Death.”  ... Georgie Porgie doesn’t make girls cry by forcing kisses upon them but by berating their shopping habits. ...

... Next up for our prayers is Harvard’s Michael Sandel, who seems blind to all but the wackiest fringes of modern Western society ... The deepest recesses of Prof. Sandel’s troubled psyche were exposed by an article he wrote earlier this year: “If I Ruled the World.”

... Canadian Mennonite Aiden Enns, co-founder of the “Buy Nothing Christmas” campaign. ... Mr. Enns firmly established himself as another Eeyore who sees doughnuts only as holes.

... Malthusian Jeremiah Jeff Rubin — author of downer tomes such as Why Your World is About to Get a Whole Lot Smaller and The End of Growth. ... Mr. Rubin hankers for more poverty and less choice ...
Well done, Peter!

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