Sunday, December 16, 2012

Connecticut massacre - "meaningful action"

One mother's thoughts about what to do:
... it’s easy to talk about guns. But it’s time to talk about mental illness ...
See also Christie Blatchford's column which makes reference to the novel and film "We Need to Talk About Kevin".

Update (Dec 17): Five-Point Action Plan for President Obama to Reduce Violence by the Mentally Ill


cantuc said...

It's a taboo. Is it because if somebody is insane or unstable , we're (i was going to write they're and that is a big part of the problem ) afraid we'll either set them off , be partly to blame for making them that way or simply think he ,usually , is my son or friend and he'd never do something like that . And once you pass that stage you become an enabler . Now it gets harder .

JR said...

It'll never be easy but it's undoubtedly the mentally unstable who are a large part of the problem. So a big part of the solution is keeping them separated from guns, knives, cross-bows, bombs, hammers, hatchets, lighter fluid, gasoline, nerve agents, blister agents ... ... And that may mean, in many cases, keeping them indefinitely locked up.

cantuc said...

that $2,000,000,000.00 knee jerk gunregistry could have gone a long way to helping people like this . Now their god damned knees are jerking again .

cantuc said...

I agree ,Dmoris , but theres plenty to go around . Might have to take some blame myself for not reporting things i've witnessed . The day before the tragedy in Newtown happened all the major news people in Canada ,host s , anchors , pundits and hangers on , were ouraged and aghast that minister James Moore wants to keep that doctor in Quebec that killed his children with a knife in prison longer than 3 or 4 years . His wife , being a victim , was deemed irrational by Gabe Kaplan , whoever the hell he is , on CBC's Power and Politics , fer crissakes because she was a victim .
The part that really scares me though , if the government gets more involved , is who is going to define insane or criminally insane or normal ? The government? or a rag-tag political panel on some biased tv show ?

dmorris said...

cantuc,you're probably talking about Gerald Caplan on P&P,academic, NDP member.

Gabe Kaplan was "Kotter".

As to who will define insanity, government-paid psychiatrists, I suppose,at least in Canada where every health care person in the Country is an employee of de gub'mint.