Saturday, April 20, 2013

Coyne's defence of Justin

It's amazing how so many media pundits seem to feel obligated to come to Justin Trudeau's defence when he does or says something dopey.  They defend him by either completely ignoring the incident or by writing long columns 'explaining' at length why they think what he said or did wasn't so dopey after all.

Today it's Andrew Coyne on Justin's dopey musings on the terror in Boston.  Coyne concludes with:
"Trudeau ... never ventured what he thought the “root causes” were — only that we should try to figure it out... "

Actually, Trudeau's exact words were:
"... There is no question that this happened because there is someone who feels completely excluded, ..."
So, without knowing who did the crime he's certain about this.  But given the history of this type of attack (the ruthless slaughter and maiming of innocents), the odds were very high that radical Islamism was involved. That is, the odds were very high that Trudeau was spouting nonsense. Radical Islamists don't kill infidels because they feel excluded but because they feel righteous.

Also, another problem with Trudeau's response is a matter of emphasis. While it's natural to wonder why people do things, in his rambling answer to Mansbridge's question Trudeau paid brief lip service to concerns for security, for the victims and for catching the bombers and then devoted an inordinate amount of time bloviating uselessly about "root causes".

While Coyne doesn't give Trudeau a complete pass, he filled his column with enough fog to give Justin the cover he needs.  Mission accomplished.


fernstalbert said...

Liberal sophistry - couched in measured, calm, reassuring platitudes. I am sure every victim of a terrorist act is now convinced that they need to forgive and have empathy with the inner, angry, lonely person that commits such atrocities. Depraved violence for the sake of violence, is an act of butchery. This liberal hand wringing is nonsense, and not worthy of Canada.

Anonymous said...

"Radical Islamists don't kill infidels because they feel excluded but because they feel righteous." It's really not more complicated than that. Any one who believes otherwise is PAINFULLY naive and gullible. I find it very unsettling that Canadians of all stripes truly believe that these murderers would be or believe differently if we only were nicer to them. Makes me sick that people can be so stupid!

Richard said...

What Trudeau should have done is condemned the terrorist attack like any sane person did. After the person is caught, then there could be a discussion as to why this happened, what caused or lead to it, were there signs of trouble that were missed, etc. Trudeau's mistake was to jump to phase two prior to phase I being completed. He compounded it by determining the "root cause" without any factual backup to support the claim.

dmorris said...

Coyne should refrain from commenting on his second cousin's half brother,it's just not ethical.

Anonymous said...

One things for sure... these ads are very effective, and hilarious! if not, the media wouldn't care, instead all the usual media suspects lash out at the Conservatives, trying vainly to defend the imbecile boy man Shiny Turd. Coyne suggesting the ads revealing Shiny Turd as a lightweight actor in way over his head are "attacks against democracy" is almost as funny as the ads themselves. Pretty soon the media will label any criticisms of the Shiny Turd "crimes against humanity"... When the media is this quick to defend poor little Justine, you know the ads are working. The media desperation is very telling.

Anonymous said...

Can only imagine Cohen's comments if the bombers had been rightwing extremists and Harper had tried to understand why they felt excluded.

Blame Crash said...

So Mr. Andrew "on May 2nd, I'm voting Liberal" Coyne came out in support of the Shiney Phony did he!
Is it possible that there is a correlation to his support of the Liberal Party and there worst ever showings during the last election?
The answer is Yes.
Keep up the good work Andy! (You snob)

Anonymous said...

Rather disappointing that someone as bright as Andrew Coyne should suspend his intellectual honesty in this way. Have often found AC refreshing (when he sticks to issues rather than party politics). But he's really showing where his heart is here.

john said...

This is deeper than simply a columnist who pretends to be conservative supporting a Liberal.

In recent years North Americans have increasingly chosen vapid fame over substantial fame that has been earned through work and results.

The Liberal party chose a part time drama teacher over a former CF Officer with multiple university degrees and experience working with tech businesses, academia and government agencies (all of them both domestic & foreign). He headed up the Canadian Space agency a government department with a huge budget.

Then they chose Justin Trudeau. To Justin the PM’s job is not an enormous challenge or a daunting responsibility. It’s a fashion accessory.

Then we have the overly comfortable, wealthy, urban fops of the high level news media. People who have never known want or poverty. These people produce nothing of any value. They merely repeat information that was gathered by lower level employees and give their opinion.

Of course they will love JT. He is their own!