Monday, April 29, 2013

Lesbian activist: "Gay marriage is a lie"

Gay Marriage Fight Is a ‘Lie’ to Destroy Marriage:
The push for gay marriage has less to do with the right to marry – it is about diminishing and eventually destroying the institution of marriage and redefining the “traditional family.”
Lesbian activist Masha Gessen:
  • “Gay marriage is a lie.”
  • “Fighting for gay marriage generally involves lying about what we’re going to do with marriage when we get there.”
  • “It’s a no-brainer that the institution of marriage should not exist.” (This statement is met with very loud applause.)


    Anonymous said...

    The BC Liberals recently completely destroyed marriage and no one said anything about it. The act of simply living with someone is now essentially marriage in BC so what's the point. It was heralded as the best thing to ever happen. Do you have any doubt this was part of the leftist project to destroy the family?

    JR said...

    It seems to me that leftist "thinking" assumes that all cultural practices are morally and functionally equivalent. Add to that their lack of understanding of and respect for traditional institutions and altogether you have an "anything goes" mentality. That is bad for the family in particular and society in general.

    Anonymous said...

    she's a train wreck and she's their poster child???

    Good Lord!!!!

    so esentially she believes the ends justifies the means... so she's openly indicating that she's openly lying and bullying the legal system to impose her own lack of any morality n the rest of the dis-functional world shes managed to screw up around herself and force her own unhappiness on everyone else just because???

    Where do people like this hatch from?!?!?

    Anonymous said...

    Thats the "progressive' movement for you, their all about the destruction of our society, and they'll say and do anything to reach that goal. Show me a "progressive" and I'll show you a liar, a cheat, a fascist bully, and a colossal hypocrite.