Friday, May 24, 2013

A pandemic of Harper Derangement Syndrome

Peter Foster:
Harpergate, the rickety contraption hastily assembled by a team of the media’s worst handymen, has come off its hinges.

... What this “affair” has exposed more than anything is a pandemic of Harper Derangement Syndrome, combining lack of  proportion with an almost psychopathic desire on the part of the media to “get” a Prime Minister who won’t pander to their self-importance.

... These twin aspects came excruciatingly together on the CBC’s The National on Wednesday night. The programme pulled out all the stops in attempting to compare Mr. Harper unfavourably with President Obama.

... More egregious than this pile of flapdoodle – which muddles accountability with media accessibility ... the most stunning part of the CBC report, which was what it left out about the performance of a President who, far from being a model of accountability, has recently been compared to Richard Nixon.  [Dennis Miller joked that the only difference between Obama and Nixon is that "when Obama gets around to saying 'I'm not a crook' they'll have to put it on his teleprompter."]

... The CBC entirely ignored the administration’s attempts to spin last year’s Islamic terrorist attack on the consulate in Benghazi, which resulted in the deaths of four Americans, including the Ambassador.

... even some of the most incisive political analysts, such as our own Andrew Coyne appear to have been carried away by HDS.

... the notion that this was ever an affair that might have justified Stephen Harper’s removal from power is about as unhinged as the CBC’s claim that “accountability changes at the border.”
Great column, Peter!


Alain said...

I beg to differ. It IS a psychopathic desire, not almost one. Otherwise spot on.

JR said...

Point taken :)

Anonymous said...

" “get” a Prime Minister who won’t pander to their self-importance."

This is a perfect phrase. I'm glad he said it. I'm glad you quoted it.

The PPG are unbelieveably self important. I remember when they decided to boycott Harper. I remember laughing and thinking "You guys really don't get it do you?".

Andrew Coyne is one of the worst. He is so arrogant and full of himself that he's pretty much a caricature of an wealthy, effete, urban media snob.

If you imagined a modern Canadian male version of Marie Antionette, Andrew Coyne would fit the description perfectly.

Anonymous said...

Great article... This whole affair has had the stench of a manufactured Trudeau media "scandal" from the start. I agree with Anon above as well regarding Coyne, such a self important, brutally ignorant Liberal snob huffing and puffing, while he breathlessly pretends to be non partizan. Coyne has transformed himself into a gossipy 10 year old girl who hates big bad Stephan Harper, loves unicorns and fantasizes about taking his man crush for Pierre Trudeaus retarded kid to the next level. HDS indeed!

JR said...

I'd like to see Coyne's reaction to Peter's column.

Anonymous said...

please please please explain this one is simple terms as I pulled it off the open gov't report on 2012 expenses and no one is reporting it...Member's Expenditures Report
April 1, 2011 to March 31, 2012
Trudeau, Justin
Member Status Constituency name Constituency size Number of electors
Trudeau, Justin Active Papineau 9 km² 70,973

total expenses... 379,340.08

Harper, Right Hon. Stephen
Member Status Constituency name Constituency size Number of electors
Harper, Right Hon. Stephen Active Calgary Southwest 80 km² 95,026
total expenses... 228,934.49

can someone in the media please explain to me how an at the time non-leader of the Liberal Party can run up over $150k more in expenses than the acting PM in a constituency situated a hours drive from Ottawa???

wheres the media on this story???

Anonymous said...

those wh live in glass towers should be careful when they start trowing rocks...

Anonymous said...

There is noing wrong with Duffy stealing taxpayer money. He shows great leadership. Harper is the most transparent and accountable PM.

MrEd said...

and the silence from the Left on Justin's bonus 150k in expense claims is deafening…

Anonymous said...

silence is even more deafening when conservative councilors in toronto donate they salaries to charities.

When the former heads of OLG donated their salary to charity and then are terminated to make room for liberal hacks.

Somehow Liberal appointees to similar positions do not do so. Why?

Justin supposedly make 1+ million in speaking fees from public institutions -- is this right?

gerry from gta