Thursday, May 30, 2013

Pierre Trudeau, the worst Prime Minister in Canadian history

Bob Plamondon on his new book, The Truth About Trudeau:

Though, should Justin become PM, Pierre would slip to runner-up position.


Anonymous said...

Not everybody can match the great conservative leadership of Mike Duffy. Harper has run the largest deficits in Canadian history. He is a massive disappointment to fiscal conservatives.

Ron said...

Reply to anonymous- Pierre Trudeau left a deficit in 1983 of approx 37 million dollars on a Gdp of approx 450 million dollars or in other words approx 8.5% of GDP and this was in good times. Harpers worst deficit was approx 54 billion dollars on a GDP of approx 1.4 trillion dollars or approx 3.5% of GDP during one of the worst depressions since 1931. Harper ran a terrific government as compared to Trudeau.

Anonymous said...

I only know that I recognized the threat Trudeau was in 1979 -- people in my high school class attacked me for my opinion -- always told them this was the opening of a can of worms. I was attacked.

Trudeau can only be described as the father of the national debt -- nobody since post-war Canada ran such a debt. Mulroney lacked the guts to do what was right in light of what happened to Clark in 1980 -- defeat of the Budget that increased gas taxes by 18 cents a gallon yet Trudeau increased the gas tax by more but specified it by the Litre -- as we were in a unit transition most of the public missed he advocated a larger tax increase.

I was in Calgary when the "NEP" took affect -- Calgary died -- instead of strengthening Canadian oil companies it destroyed them -- it made them easy takeovers for american companies, So how is this an National Energy Policy?

It was not -- it was designed to kill political power in the west that was not condusive to Trudeau's power.

This author is more accurate than any other biographer to date. Most reporters were not in Calgary when the vale fell -- I was.

gerry from gta

Anonymous said...

Wait until junior is elected as PM!!!! We’ll have massive government spending, a massive bureaucracy, special treatment for Quebec like a “nation within a nation” or something, publicly funded abortions and selective abortion, massive immigration of people from terror supporting countries, same sex marriage, soft on crime measures, tens of billions of western tax dollars sent back east in equalization payments, billions spent on bilingualism programs in Quebec and Ontario and billions spent on protecting and enforcing multiculturalism in keeping with the Trudeauopian principles that is now part of our heritage pursuant to the constitution.

JR said...

I'm sorry to admit that I voted for Trudeau - when I was young stupid and liberal.

By all indications there are proportionally at least as many clueless liberals running around as in my early days. So we should brace for the second coming.

Anonymous said...

I look very forward to reading this book, a nice change from the usual propaganda that goes with the little dictator from Quebec. I'm in no way convinced that Trudeaus retarded son will become PM... yes the media are on the attack against the Government with manufactured hysterics and out and out lies, while they champion the idiot Turd # 2, but anyone witnessing # 2's incoherent lispy, hysterical blatherings in the HOC can see this 2nd turd is an imbecile at worst and a terrible actor at best. We have 2 years for the media to try and destroy the Conservatives and insert # 2 into the PMO, and it might work, but I just cannot see this moronic celebrity getting anywhere near the PMO, too much can happen between now and 2015. However, if it does happen than this country isn't worth a damn, and doesn't deserve my, or anyone elses attention.

Anonymous said...

I am thankful that both federal elections I was eligible to vote (1979 & 1980) I did not vote for Trudeau. I always saw the damage he was doing with his Finance Minister Jean Chretien who introduced the perpetual deficit spending. May he burn in hell (okay he was not sent to the senate -- LoL).

I am proud to say I never voted liberal in my entire life though I did vote NDP provincially in 1990 -- my worst mistake -- it was a strategic vote designed to vote a strong oposition to Peterson -- OMG what a mistake that was. Ontario has never recovered from that.

Though the Peterson / Rae alliance in 1985 has sniffs of Wynne / Horwath alliance -- we will pay a big price as taxpayers.

God help us all

gerry from gta

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said... May 30, 6:23
Wait until junior is elected as PM!!etc. etc.

We have all those policies now so what would be the difference? I was hoping for more use of the scalpel in this government. And please don't think I am in favour of Trudeau the Lesser, just disappointed at this government's incrementalism.

Numbers critic said...

Ron, 1983 GDP in Canada was $334B. Try your BS %s again

Anonymous said...

I had no idea Trudeau was PM in the 90s, oh yeah that's because he wasn't.

Making it up as you go along and living in a land of make believe is no way to run a country.

Anonymous said...

Do you people understand how spending and spending commitments work on mega projects? The commitments and spending Trudeau set in motion took decades to get under control... What followed was Brian Baloney (One of the Redist Tories in history) whom I'm sorry to say I voted for vs Turner... If not for Brian Wilson and Banking Regulatory rules imposed during those days, the Free Trade agreement with our largest trading partner (The Excited States) the revenue stream to start servicing the massive debt and spending insanity Pierre started (The only PM in history to declare Martial Law and actually placed armed Military in our streets, in Canada) We'd be worse off then The USA today. The Free Trade agreement is what the Libs road on and claimed credit on balancing budgets for years to come while cutting national spending in the West while increasing transfer payments to the east