Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Dion's new Green Shift

From my little local newspaper, Peace Arch News, an excellent editorial by Tom Fletcher:
Foreign Affairs Minister St├ęphane Dion served as environment minister under ... Paul Martin. Then, as Liberal leader, Dion’s proposed “green shift” carbon tax was pivotal only in ending his leadership. With a majority government this time, he promises the entire federal cabinet will be involved.

Dion gave a revealing interview to The Globe and Mail last week about his experience in government.
“The old system was to give the file of the environment to the minister of the environment and say, ‘deal with it, be the hero of the environment groups, but don’t bother us because we have jobs to create and an economy to grow’,” Dion said. “That will not work.”
It certainly didn’t work, which is not surprising since Dion is admitting the Liberals considered the environment ministry a mere public relations tool. This was the period when Canada signed on to the Kyoto Protocol, then pretended to care about it as the United States rejected it in a unanimous vote of Congress.

... Dion’s ill-fated “green shift” wasn’t just about greenhouse gases. He intended to impose a national carbon tax and use the proceeds to eliminate child poverty.

This concept is back, on a global scale. ...


Martin said...

Canadians might have looked beyond the leader to see what sort of team would make up his cabinet. Dion is still a Liberal MP, and a very patient one. What Canadians massively rejected in 2008, has returned in a more extreme mutated format. Witness this quote from Dion Wed discussing climate change (National Post):

When President Obama said it’s a cancer, yes it is,” Dion said. “It’s the worst threat we are facing during this century. It’s making everything more difficult.”

Note this is several days after the Paris massacre. It is pointless to try to discuss the issue with such a fanatical proponent. Be assured, Dion, Butts, McKenna, Trudeau and Wynne from Ont are on the same wavelength. The new green shift whatever it is called will interfere enormously with lifestyles and finances of all Canadians.
I doubt if many voted for such extreme measures, but that is what we
will receive.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Martin... The Green Shaft will be very extreme, it will punish Canadians in every way, through taxes and policies of command and control. Dion is an incoherent enviro radical almost as detached from reality as the idiot Trudozo... PM Butts, McKenna, Dion, Trudozo the prancing clown, it doesn't get much scarier or deranged than that crew of imbeciles. Get ready to be punished.

JR said...

Yeah, it's all coalescing into a very scary scenario with the climate freaks and flakes in charge (including most of the media) singing the same loony tunes.

What will be our salvation? It seems only global cooling or economic disaster will reverse the political situation, but the price in either case would be enormous.

Anonymous said...

Well he got his do-over in the end.