Thursday, January 28, 2016

The Liberal jihad against western oil - hypocrisy, double standards and lies

Ezra Levant:  
We've seen this anti-oil, anti-western story before under Pierre Trudeau, and it doesn't end well for anyone.  If Quebec Liberals like Justin Trudeau and Denis Coderre block Energy East, not only will it mean economic devastation, but it will be a great cause of national disunity -- possibly even rekindling western separatism.

Related - Peter Foster: Anti-oil mayors are kings in Naomi Klein World:
... Coderre’s stance represents more than a casual alliance between Not in My Backyard, NIMBY, and Not on Planet Earth, NOPE. It represents part of a much larger UN-based Green Agenda to delegitimize national governments from above and below....
... if everybody gets to have a say on everything, nothing ever gets done. Thus the Act Local crowd really only wants everybody to have a say on things they want to stop.

More from Ezra on the Liberals' hypocritical war on western oil (and on no one else's):

Personally, I'm all for rekindling western separatism.


Anonymous said...

old whitw guy says..........when I look at the stable of jack a ss es that fill the liberal ,cabinet it does not give me much hope for the future of Canada. there are just too many ignorant people in this country, who think that they have the right to force others to accept their lunatic ideas. if only there was some way to make sure they were the first ones to experience the negative effects of their policies.

JR said...

True. The "talent" in Trudeau's cabinet has to be the sorriest in living memory. Trudeau, McCallum, Dion, Freeland, McKenna, Mihychuk, ... all extreme light-weights, and the rest not so heavy either. Then we have the backroom radicals running the whole spectacle.

That this would be so if Libs were elected was obvious. That the media backed and covered for them is a profound disgrace.