Saturday, January 23, 2016

"The world is laughing at us Justin"


One response: "actually just laughing at Justin.  They have the discretion to know the difference."

Stephen Harper had gravitas and was taken seriously on the world stage.  From PM Selfie we get smug, narcissistic foolishness and he's treated accordingly by serious allies.


dmorris said...

I just about weep when I think of this trust fund turkey negotiating with people like Putin and the Chinese Leaders.

Parliament opens on Monday, so we'll get a chance to see our new PM in action up close 24/7 on the new Justin Trudeau channel, formerly CBC.

JR said...

Yes, Putin, China, you name it, think Barack Obama is a pushover. I can imagine what they'll think of PM Selfie. And I've heard that the reason he insists on withdrawing our CF-18's from the fight is that he wants to negotiate with ISIS.

And thanks for the reminder to watch him perform in Parliament next week. Can't wait :) I wonder if Rona Ambrose will be up to properly holding him to account.

Anonymous said...

Really, any country that would put this turd in office isn't worth caring about. The Media machine will keep this idiot in power for at least a decade, so its only going to get worse, much much worse.. truly embarrassing and sad. I would laugh at Clownypants too, I mean what else can one do when confronted with such overwhelming idiocy. Embarrassing to say the least.

Roy Elsworth said...

I agree with you anonymous just wish you would use your real name
trust me us Conservatives tried to warn the liberals and the ones who hated harper so bad. now they are regretting what they have done. I think they voted strickly on trudeaus hair.
the boy blunder has nice hair. but as pm he is horrible he is an embarrassment to Canada.

Anonymous said...

I actually don't think a lot care about Canada too much as we are really too small to matter. Many Canadians seem to think the world cares about us, when it really doesn't (which is not a bad thing IMHO). Essentially our foreign policy is about projecting our values globally and unfortunately I think Trudeau is closer to the median voter than Harper was. The fact most of the rest of the world sees things quite differently is not really an issue for most as most Canadians falsely assume everyone else is as "progressive" as we are (note in put this in quotations as I am referring to what people call progressive not what necessarily is) and thus assume when we are progressive the world will love us. Harper was probably too right wing for Canada, but not for most other countries as we are one of the most left wing countries in the developed world so few Canadians realize just how much more conservative others are.