Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Australia is reminded that with friends like Obama, who needs enemies?

In that speech of Obama's at the University of Queensland, Aussie Greg Sheridan, writing in the Wall Street Journal, notes a mystifying attack on Australia:
President Obama over the weekend made a bizarre decision to attack and damage his closest ally in Asia, and one of the most committed supporters of U.S. foreign policy.

.... the longest passage was an extraordinary riff on climate change that contained astonishing criticism—implied, but unmistakable—of the government led by Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott.

... As some congressional Democrats recently learned, the only thing fraught with more danger than being Mr. Obama’s enemy is being his friend.
Obama, ever the traitor to the West, puts his radical leftist ideology and what he thinks is good for his legacy ahead of everything.  As Israel learned long ago, he's intensely divisive not only at home, but abroad as well.  The man's a menace.  For the good of the entire civilized world, 2016 can't come too soon.

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