Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The Trudeau Foundation

Peter Foster:
The Pierre Elliott Trudeau Foundation last week held a conference titled “Weathering Change: Pathways to Sustainability in Canada. It confirmed that the pathway to serfdom now makes its way through the thickets of climate hysteria, past social-mediated mobs, and via smokeless backrooms filled with radical NGOs. ...
... essentially a sleeper cell to promote the kind of big and pervasive government favoured by its eponymous hero, who died in 2000, and now by his son, Justin. It was endowed in 2002, by a Liberal government, with $125-million of taxpayers’ money....
One big strategic difference since the days of Trudeau pere is that much of the bogus conversation has been hijacked by radical environmental groups masquerading as “civil society.”

Who knew?


Anonymous said...

I have been asleep at the switch just came upon this eye opening article

Anonymous said...

worth your tine
"Global Warming a $22 Billion Scam"

Anonymous said...

oldwhiteguy says..... the one thing in Canada and elsewhere that is not sustainable is big government. the cost and weight of same on people's shoulders will result in the demise of such government.

Anonymous said...

The Green movement would have a lot more credibility if they focused on what's doable rather than something that involves a radical change which the public will never go through. Never mind they are hypocritical as they oppose nuclear power yet nuclear energy emits no greenhouse gases so its the cleanest form of energy that actually meets demand at a reasonable price (note I exclude wind and solar power which are busts).

JR said...

"nuclear energy emits no greenhouse gases so its the cleanest form of energy..."

Don't forget hydro.