Monday, December 7, 2015

Nobody cares more about the climate than Canada

Canada has more delegates at the Paris conference "than Australia, the U.K. and the U.S. combined"!


Pissedoff said...

What was missed is that some are not doing the trip once, but two or three times,

Bill Elder said...

What a lovely shot of Canada's Climate Care Bears (3C-BEEs), doesn't the phoney moralism and hypocritical self-indulgence oozing from that photo just give you goose bumps -It does me - I get shivers thinking about the tax bill all this Lib-left moralizing will cost Canadians before we regain our senses and throw these grifters in jail.

In the bogus morality rackets the Lib-left-progs dwarf the TV evangelists -they remind me of Jim Baker running a political party.

Martin said...

Canada is responsible for well under 2% of CO2 emissions world wide, what we do matters not at all. A northern country, the main source of carbon emissions comes from heating homes, offices and public buildings. Also vast distances dictate CO2 outputs for growing and transporting food, and transporting every other consumer product.
I wonder do these smiling people realize this, and are they willing to cut back on heating offices, or consume less food. Or, simply reducing a carbon foot print by staying at home, and following the conference electronically.