Saturday, December 19, 2015

Trudeau's cabinet gender quota - "a harm to women and to Canada"

Janice Fiamengo:  "'Because it's 2015' - a pretty good non-answer to defend a female quota at the highest level of government.  ... Anyone who has doubts about Trudeau's cabinet has been told in no uncertain terms to keep his feelings to himself."

A good example of Trudeau's (and liberals' in general) blind commitment to stupid, feel-good, platitude-driven policy.

Here are all of Fiamengo's videos.


Martin said...

To take Jr's "its 2015" logic one step further, suppose others decide it is absolutely time for a female PM again. Only Liberal party bylaws prevent the caucus from choosing a new leader, say Carolyn Bennett at the next meeting. She would become PM and Jr could aspire to Minister of State for whatever, or return to the back benches. How would he feel about this? Not too well I suspect, but some investigative journalist might want to ask him. Don't hold your breath waiting for it to happen.

JR said...

Great idea, Martin. It's time to start agitating for LPC bylaw changes to make it happen ... and Jr appointed Minister of State for something more suited to his "talents" say, "The Status of Women".

Anonymous said...

I just love her she is always right..

johndoe124 said...

If you are going to use taxpayers' money then the only acceptable cabinet is one based solely on merit. But that would imply that the Liberals actually have respect for the Canadian taxpayer which will never and has never happened.