Monday, December 21, 2015

New study shows NOAA exaggerated U.S. warming

James Delingpole: 
Another week, another study showing that our official climate data gatekeepers have been exaggerating the extent of “global warming” to make it look more scary, more urgent, more desperately in need of extra funding for our official climate data gatekeepers…
This one, co-authored by meteorologist Anthony Watts (of Watts Up With That? fame) shows that at least half of the “global warming” in the US since 1979 has been fabricated by NOAA.
 Judith Curry and Anthony Watts comment:
Curry: This looks like a solid study.  The participation of John Nielsen-Gammon in this study is particularly noteworthy; Watts writes:
Watts: "Dr. John Nielsen-Gammon, the state climatologist of Texas, has done all the statistical significance analysis and his opinion is reflected in this statement from the introduction ...Dr. Nielsen-Gammon has been our worst critic from the get-go ..."

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