Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bye, bye Danny (Bigmouth Chavez) Williams

For Newfs, like Rex Murphy, he's a great Newfoundlander, but for the rest of us, like Kelly McParland and Peter Foster, he's a lousy Canadian and "bully boy" shakedown artist.


Anonymous said...

He has left us the legacy of the lower Churchill Falls development which will hurt Confederation again and his own province. Instead of paying for a transmission line through Quebec, he has pushed his province and Nova Scotia to build two ruinous undersea tunnels.

If the federal government helps subsidize this, it will be resented everywhere else.
Meanwhile Premie Dexter of Nova Scotia is waving the potential of green energy (wind, tidal power) exports to the U.S. That green energy potential sure is working well for Ontario.

The original Churchill Falls development came at a time when no one but a British company and Quebec wanted to invest in a costly project in the wilderness of Labrador. Newfoundland had had a wacky premier who was a con artist and left Newfoundland with a poor credit history.

Anonymous said...

So you think Quebec being satiated at every turn is smart politics instead? Some people on this site have weird agendas. (real conservative)