Thursday, November 25, 2010

Cancún set to fizzle

Copenhagen was a bust, Cancún is headed the same way:

The two-week  2010 United Nations  Climate Change Conference  starts next week in Cancún, Mexico, without much hope of any real success  with some commentators even saying that the climate change scare is dying.
"... The global consensus that at one point a year of so ago seemed unstoppable, that man can influence the fact of, or the speed of climate change and agreement on how to go about the task, seems to be disintegrating.”



Pissedoff said...

Well thanks to Harper they already have $400 mill of our money because of Copenhagen just waiting to see how much he will steal sorry give to make himself look good.

JR said...

Good pointer, Pissed. I know it's annoying but I still can't help thinking (hoping) that the Conservatives are just going along to get along, so to speak. But it would be nice, now that Prentice is bowing out, to get someone in the portfolio who's willing and able to resist the green lobby rather than pander to it.

bertie said...

HEY pissed off why don,t you run for office.Your PM Harper hating will get you elected for sure.And you know how everything works in politics eh!You would do better for sure.Your the best.I,m sure you would have given the minimum Liberal promise of what ???10 billion.Get the Harper hate out of your system,Christmas is coming or don't you like CHRISTMAS either.The majority of Canadians know that PM Harper is doing a great job regarding the environment and what is 400 million compared to what the Liberals signed us up for at KYOTO.The scam of GW is falling apart and PM Harper is on top of it,so quit your bitching and go after the ass holes in your party who tried to get this private members GW bill passed.Thank goodness PM Harper now has control of the senate and put an end to it.OR you would be paying the rest of your pension to CHINA.

Alberta Girl said...

You know, Stephen Harper can't win .....hey pissedoff, did you know that they have stopped funding for a climate group on the west coast.....yeah, my left wing friends are "pissed off" about it.

Grow up man....your hate is going to destroy you.

Pissedoff said...

And the Harperbots scream