Sunday, November 28, 2010

Dumb and dumber carbon tax

The dumb BC son-of-a-bitch who advised dumber BC son-of-a-bitch, Gordon Campbell, is now advising the feds on carbon tax policy:

... In a new report released Thursday, the [CD Howe Institute] says there is no excuse for Ottawa’s foot-dragging on pricing carbon.
... Mark Jaccard, a Simon Fraser University professor who co-wrote the report, said it is time Ottawa set out its carbon-reduction policies.
... Mr. Jaccard, who advised the British Columbia government on the implementation of its carbon tax [said]:

... the longer the government waits to clarify the carbon-pricing rules, the more difficult it will be for Canada to meet any targets ... [and!?]
Here's a thought - since the Republicans won the House the USA won't be taxing carbon anytime soon, Europe is going bust and cutting climate policy nonsense, China and India are growing their economies (emissions) and, hardly least, since AGW is a non-problem - let's not be global Boy Scouts!!

[via FOS]


hunter said...

What is BC getting for it's carbon tax? Are taxpayers seeing any relief? Where are those carbon tax dollars going? Does anyone know?

Anonymous said...

Well, we get higher prices on everything we consume. Folks only see the higher price at the pumps, but everything that enters B.C.s logistics system cost more. From Pencils to bread the price goes up.
It's the easiest way to undermine our economy and reduce everyone's standard of living.
Mel Wilde

Anonymous said...

Last ditch attempts by global commies to wrestle commie Canada under control.. will it work? (real conservative)

JR said...

They claimed it was to be "revenue neutral" and when they first came out with it they sent every taxpayer a 100 bucks in the mail. I spent mine on a tank of gasoline. Don't know what's happened since (except for fuel price increases), so as far as I'm concerned it's now just another tax.

UsualSuspect said...

Bah. I am so sick of politicians who think the answer to every problem is more taxes.

Anonymous said...

John Baird says that the Conservative government has no intention of following the U.S. into a cap & trade system. If this is true, and if the Conservatives don't impose carbon taxes on everything under the sun I may even decide not to spoil my ballot during the next election. Avoiding this idiotic carbon-is-evil nonsense may not make all the Conservatives socialistic policies forgivable, but I'll be willing to give them another chance to do a better job.

Lynn said...

Studies or statements made by anyone from SFU have to be taken with a pound of salt. The NDP friendly institution is home to more left wing "experts" than even UVic.

I have suggested to a Liberal MLA that if they want to do something positive ,elimination of the hated carbon tax would be a very good start.

He sideslipped the question by telling me to bring it up with the candidates for Liberal Party leader.

Judging by that response, I assume the majority of the Liberal caucus is in favor of the carbon tax.


JR said...

Powell & UsualSusp,
Ditto. It does take a lot of faith to keep supporting the Conservatives.

I'm not very familiar with SFU but will become more so since they're now in my backyard. If they're to the left of UVic that's not good news:(