Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ontario's Green Energy Act has created "a muddled mess"

Climate of confusion:

... what started as a program with a goal of weaning the province off coal power while rebuilding Ontario's floundering manufacturing sector has quickly become a muddled mess.
... has sparked a World Trade Organization challenge from abroad and a political battlefield here at home as Ontario enters an election year. 
... mounting outrage over bills that are set to rise 46% over the same period anyway -- a big chunk of which is to pay for the green conversion.
... the Opposition Progressive Conservative Party in Ontario has vowed to scrap the program if elected next October.
Meanwhile, the Czech Republic is putting the brakes on solar energy:
... A change in the law with radical implications for solar energy investors is stirring controversy in the Czech Republic.  While the world is trying to increase the share of renewable energy, the Czech Republic is increasingly concerned about renewable energy, especially with regards expensive solar power. A solar boom has raised fears that electricity prices could explode and networks could become unstable.
... President Vaclav Klaus makes no secret of his support for the new law: "Everyone knows that we all are going to pay for decades for the nonsense to promote photovoltaics." The opposition is largely supportive of the government’s action ...
And, Spain's solar power sector falls into the abyss:

The Spanish government has launched a new regulatory framework that will result in subsidized tariffs for ground-mounted solar energy projects drop 45% this year ...
... [Proving that the Spanish are moving in the right direction] - Greenpeace is highly critical of the government.
Is the McGuinty government paying attention?  Who knows, but let's hope Ontario voters are.

[via FOS]


Pissedoff said...

Is Hudak prepared to tell Samsung to pissoff no money and sue McGuinty.

JR said...

One supposes that whatever it takes to deal with Samsung et al will be cheaper than continuing the economy destroying renewable energy "strategy" .. er,lunacy.