Saturday, December 3, 2011

Attawapiskat - "a disgrace not a surprise" says Blatchford

Maybe it's a disgrace, but  like Ezra (below) I don't feel guilty. If it's a problem that has a solution, only the Indians themselves can figure out how to solve it.

Christie seems to think we can, and should, do it for them.  For example:

Christie: "... I’d dispatch the Canadian army, with its fabulous engineer corps, up to Attawapiskat pronto. ... I’d have them repair or throw up housing sufficient for the 2,300 residents ..."
['Giving' them stuff, doing it for them, solves nothing. Among the biggest problems on the reserve is that the residents have no employment and, worse, have no skills. If crappy housing is the problem wouldn't it be better to train the locals and get them to build their own houses? A bonus would be that they'd be more able and likely to maintain them later (and to build new ones when needed). A further bonus would be that they'd have skills they could take south with them should they choose to escape the reserve.]

Christie: "... The longer term one would see some of the big brains in Canada (that would necessarily also include some strategic thinkers from the military) locked in a small room until they figure out something better than the infantilizing Indian Act and the paralysis engendered by the reserve system. ..."
[Here we go again, the "big brains" in the south figuring out how to solve the Indians' problems. Infantalizing them further. The Indians need to figure out for themselves what they want, and what it is practical to do. Christie gives the Indian so-called "leaders" too easy a ride. They've been a giant flop up to now. Make them get their act together. And perpetual welfare subsidizies (throwing more money at it) isn't a solution.]


dmorris said...

I'm kind of "shocked" at the naivety of Blatchford's statements!

As you said, give them anything,it won't be appreciated,and will be destroyed or fall apart within about two years.

No,REAL accountability,and real assistance programs,not boondoggles for the friends of the Chief and Band Councillors,would be a start,but all political correctness will have to be suspended for the duration, and no one is about to do that.

If a Native politician hands out contracts,they should have to be vetted by outside parties,if for no other reason than to ascertain if the contractor has the ability to actually DO the job.

I can hear the cries of "racism" already.

No,the best thing for everyone concerned is to throw a bunch of money at the problem by handing it to the Chief. Then send the Press home,and assume everything's coming up roses,until the next time a political whore like Charlie Angus needs some cheap publicity.

There no sense actually fixing anything,the Native politicians don't care about anything but maintaining their position at the trough,and the Government just wants it all to go away.

I've been watching this BS with the Indians for over fifty years,and nothing effective is ever done.

Why bother, just carry on the charade as it is.

JR said...

Yes, it does get more than a just a little tiresome, doesn't it.

This isn't the first time Christie Blatchford has 'gone off the reservation' on this subject. She wrote a blooper last summer and shortly after wrote a retraction. She's a tremendously good writer on most other topics but she seems to let misplaced sentiment get in the way of her objectivity when it comes to Indians.

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