Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Christopher Hitchens - mixed feelings

John Derbyshire

... Hitch was a court jester for the liberal elites. He took care never to violate their most sacred taboos. Like Stephen Jay Gould, who also died too young, also of cancer, Hitch carried the banner of soft Marxism forward into the post-Soviet era. ...

Raymond De Souza
... For many of Hitchens’ fellow journalists, the virtuosity of his brilliant writing and bracing conversation earned him a pass on the hatred. But hatred it remained. His commercial genius was to harbour hatreds sufficiently vast and varied that a lucrative constituency could be found to relish all of them....
Jonah Goldberg
... He was no conservative. You can’t really be a conservative in the Anglo-American tradition and hate religion. You can be a non-believer, I think. But you have to at least have respect for the role of religion and maybe a little reverence for the role of transcendence in people’s lives. Hitch had nothing but contempt. It was one of the last truly asinine Marxist things about him.
... I’m not inclined to sugarcoat my take on the man given how he could be absolutely cruel when spouting off about the deaths of others. He could be mean, pigheaded, and insensitive (though never dull!). He could also be generous and kind. He was a brilliant and gifted polemicist who sometimes took the easiest way out by going after his opponents’ weakest arguments rather than their strongest. He defied easy categorization while having a gift for categorizing others. He’ll be missed because he was so damn good at being Christopher Hitchens.


Anonymous said...

When I used to be in high school there was a young man who didn't really seem to be good at anything.

He was not athletic.

He was not good looking and popular.

He had no interesting hobbies, like hot cars or music.

He was quite bright but he only produced average marks.

He was funny but not really funny enough to be the class clown.

So what was his claim to fame?

Creative sarcasm and a talent for talking about others behind their back, shit-disturbing and being a general angry, snotty, little weasel.

His name was NOT Christopher Hitchens but I'm sure the description fits none the less.

Why is it media assholes like Hitchens think they are doing something so noble and valuable by writing snotty shit about others?

Anonymous said...

"His commercial genius was to harbour hatreds sufficiently vast and varied ...."

and for that he became rich and famous.

I makes me glad I'm poor and unknown.

JR said...

Then many peoples' feelings are not the least bit mixed.