Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Attawapiskat - John Robson's fearless take

Robson's rant in writing.


dmorris said...

Good comments by the little nerdy guy.

I especially liked the remark that after the TV networks have gone,it will be business as usual,and he's absolutely right about that.

No one,least of all Indian politicians,want to change the status quo,for obvious reasons.

"First Nation". What a noble-sounding term for a tiny band of former hunter-gatherers,and as always, complete BS.

But that's the way all politicians want it,so that's the way it will stay.

I don't know what the "First Nations" will do if the doomsayers are right,and there's a massive depression,world -wide.

They are almost completely unable to fend for themselves anymore.

I guess they could always use their firearms,not included in the Long Gun Registry, to TAKE what they need from others by force.

Nah,the gentle stewards of Nature would never do that.

JR said...

With 600+ First "Nations" to deal with it's a nightmare. I've always wondered what the reaction is to the 'good news' from the Prime Minister that you've been selected for a cabinet position followed by the 'bad news' that it's the Indian Affairs portfolio.

dmorris said...

Yes, I have to agree,the Indian Affairs portfolio is a no-win situation for any politician.

No matter how hard the Minister tries,the Native politicians,and the MSM are at war with him.

I think I'd turn the appointment down and ask for Veteran's Affairs instead. They're worth fighting for.