Friday, December 2, 2011

Attawapiskat - everything you need to know

Via Five Feet of Fury where you'll find the rest ot the show.


Anonymous said...

This is absolutely brilliant. Levant just summed up everything I've wanted to express on this matter and so much more. Every time I try to discuss this topic rationally, I am shot down as racist. Thank you for this.

Anonymous said...

"The truth shall set you free"
I agree with anon absolutely brilliant.
We can see the problem, it's not rocket science.
The small minds of the NDPQ/Liberanos can only see an opportunity to slag the Conservatives.
They are no more ready to govern then are the corrupt band chiefs but then did not Saint Jack and Oliva run up over 3000 dollars a day 24/7 365 days a year?
If the Chief is a thief send in a third party to help these people.
70,000 a year, each and every family and it is somehow our fault?
Ezra is right on with his assesment.
Cheers Bubba Brown

Anonymous said...

Why did CBC gloss over and bury this deep in the article?

For almost 10 years, the band has been under co-management, an administrative system in which the department of Aboriginal Affairs and Northern Development (AAND) and the band agree on a co-manager who is paid by the band and gets signing authority for all accounts containing AAND funding.

Under third-party management, all funding goes through a manager appointed by the department to administer it. The manager, whose salary is paid by the band, decides which band staff are required to run its programs and services.

The band's co-manager, Clayton Kennedy, has acknowledged being in a romantic relationship with the band's chief, Spence. But he has denied there is any conflict of interest.

JR said...

Ezra speaks my mind on this and just about everything else. He's a national treasure. And thank God for Sun News.

filipina heart said...

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