Friday, December 30, 2011

BC's radical sex-ed agenda

We've heard a lot lately about Ontario's controversial sex-ed program.  Now BlazingCatFur highlights a similarly radical agenda being pushed in BC. (See also.)

It's part of a broader program of social engineering/indoctrination in public schools and beyond as is made obvious by the BCTF's "Social Justice" web page:
... an organization of professionals, we accept and act on our broad responsibility to be involved in the social development of the communities and the province we live in, and we do this in the interests of the children we teach. ["... broad responsibility ..."? According to who?]
... The social justice initiatives of the Federation focus on poverty, child and youth issues, race relations, gender equity, homophobia and heterosexism, bullying, environmental issues, globalization, and violence prevention. In addition, the Federation has an advisory committee on Aboriginal education. [They haven't left out many of the social activists' favourite buzz words.]
This can lead nowhere good. Parents - Rise Up!


Anonymous said...

Why can't teachers in all provinces just teach?
I, for one, am getting sick of the "we know better than parents how to raise kids" BS coming from teachers and their god awful federations.

Alain said...

I think most teachers would probably prefer just to teach. The ones I know do not agree with the ideological agenda being imposed on them to teach, and some have even changed professions rather than go along. The trouble lies with pressure from special interest groups including the teachers' union and the provincial government. Unless and until parents start rejecting this indoctrination in lieu of teaching, it will continue and even get worse. If I still had school age children, it would either be home schooling or a good private school, because children receiving indoctrination instead of learning will not be prepared to face adult life in the real world.

JR said...

I'm sure many teachers are frustrated with having to deal with this crap. And I agree that some of the biggest problems originate with teachers unions and provincial education ministries. Also, don't forget the university "education" faculties which are filled with leftist and feminist radicals who indoctrinate new teachers. Then there are school boards where positions are often filled by people active in teachers unions (a serious conflict of interest). In Alberta I've heard that the new leftist "conservative" Premier, won the leadership thanks to teachers' and other unions.

Alain said...

I couldn't agree more. It is time for parents to stand up against this and take back their children. Otherwise expect more and more loony indoctrination in lieu of education. Actually I find this a form of child abuse which should be criminalised.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand. When did it become a bad thing to teach students not to harass/bully/beat up others just because they might be different. But if you have a problem with that you can always teach your kids to hate others after school or on the weekend.