Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christopher Hitchens ... 1949 - 2011



Anonymous said...

"Hitchens was an author, journalist commentator, critic and contrarian and provocateur."

To put it a bit more succintly. He was a snotty dick who shot his mouth off about anything.

He was an elitist ass who couldn't stand that anyone might hold valid viewpoints that HE didn't agree with.

He was a contributing editor for Vanity Fair. This publication is published by and marketed toward snotty, wealthy, superficial yuppie airheads who sneer at anyone with any sort of traditional value or ethic. They are obsessed with celebrity and instant gratification.

Yes, Hitchens fit right in.

Vanity fair: a publication that published naked photos of 14 year old Miley Cyrus and was proud of it. If anyone else had done that they would (*quite rightly*) be charged for kiddy porn, but not the elites at Vanity Fair. THEY'RE ARTISTS!!!

Hey Hitchens! Did you hang out with any more kiddy porn producers or was this the only one?

When did being a professional snot become more important than say, a doctor, scientist, engineer or basically ANY other occupation where YOU ACTUALLY **DO** SOMETHING!?

Writing snotty articles that piss all over other people - what a valuable contribution to the greater good.

Yes, a commentator, journalist, critic - Gee, we certainly don't have enough of those.

Piss off Hitchens. The world is a better place now that you're out of it.

Anonymous said...

I was not aware of this man until he died. I have since read many of his articles and watched his debates on youtube. I believe one of the lights of reason has gone out in the universe. He was a good man.

JR said...

Love him or hate him, I think he was a brilliant, articulate man. I didn't much care for his militant atheism - his arguments were unconvincing. Though at the end of this 60 Minutes interview he did seem to mellow a little and admit that though he held to his atheism he "liked surprises".

But his defence of the West against radical Islam and his disgust with the left's odious pacifism and mewling appeasement were powerful.

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